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Crafty Wonderland – Portland, OR

March 27, 2006

I know the title is lame, but that’s really what it’s called. Crafty Wonderland. Hmmm…. I hope this isn’t another example of why crafts get such a bad wrap. This is supposed to be a Arts and Crafts show in Portland, OR that happens on the second Sunday of the month. I’m not entirely sure if it’s happened before or if April 9th is the first one. If I’m ever up in Portland while it’s going on, I may go by, but otherwise I’m not too fussed. If you’ve ever been, or are planning on going, let me know what it’s like.

Link: Crafty Wonderland Arts and Crafts Show

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  1. julie permalink
    April 20, 2006 12:46 pm

    The Crafty Wonderland was awesome. It is the coolest “craft” event I’ve ever been to. It’s definitely not your grandma’s crocheted stocking cap. Tons of handbags, wallets, notecards, and jewelry. It is located in one of the hippest bars in Portland, too, which makes for a swanky feeling instead of a gradeschool cafeteria setting where a lot of craft events go down.

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