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Knitting Design

March 25, 2006

Even though I didn’t participate in the knitting Olympics I have had quite a crazy month of knitting, and not much to show for it. Instead of doing a lot of knitting I’ve been researching a lot of knitting. I think I am ready to enter the world of knitting design.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, she does have ideas and she is ready to put them out on paper and eventually for the public to see.

A few nights ago I such a flood of ideas that I couldn’t sleep! I ended up on the internet looking up whatever I could to get the resources for my dreams come true. I have been searching the blogosphere for advice, examples and inspiration to getting my designs out there.

Hopefully in the next few weeks you will notice some differences in this blog. A more organized side bar, a new header (hopefully) and possibly even a section for patterns. Whoopee!

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