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Weekend Away to Portland

March 29, 2006

I glanced over the past week of posting and it’s all knitting, knitting, knitting. Well, I know not all of you are reading for my crazy fiber ideas and projects, so I’ll post about my last weekend.

I’m on Spring Break and originally we talked about going to Seattle and British Columbia, but that didn’t work out. Instead Anthony and I went to Portland last weekend for a quick weekend away. We are going to take the bigger vacations this summer.

We ended up staying at the Red Lion close to the convention center. It was nice, and we could just hop on the train right outside of our hotel. We were right in the free zone for the train so we hopped on the train and walked around Pioneer square for awhile.

I was able to find a few things to spend money on. I got a skirt at the Red Light Clothing Exchange. A lot like Buffalo Exchange and of course I was bound to find something I liked. I can’t go into a store like this without finding several things to try on. Luckily I didn’t look at anything but skirts, otherwise it may have walked out with a whole new wardrobe.

I was also able to go to Yarn Garden. (Yeah I know I’m not supposed to talk about knitting, but I can’t help it.) This was a huge yarn store! I really wanted to go to Naked Sheep (they have really cool bumper stickers) but I’ll have to save it for my next trip. I got some sock yarn for Anthony and a little gift for my sister. I even got Anthony to go into the yarn store! I told him he needed to pick out his yarn for his socks. I’m not sure, but he may not resist going in so much now.

So the last few days I’ve been snuggling with Jasmine, knitting, catching up on blog reading and overall doing a whole lot of nothing. I think I’ll be ready for another term in a few days…hopefully.

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