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University of Oregon begins (soon)

September 16, 2005

I can feel it! The craziness of school is going to start and my lazy summer is coming to an end. It’s weird because even though I’ve lived here for a good month and a half I still feel very lost when it comes to school. Of course all of you with real jobs or in regions where school started weeks ago are glad that I am finally getting my dose of work. Next week is the dreaded week before classes start which often can be more crazy than when the classes are in session. At least this year is since I’m the new kid.

Most of it is really exciting though! I have my “get ready for the term” violin lesson on Monday morning. I will get new assignments and pieces, which is always a good thing, not to mention a new perspective on my playing. I’m also hoping that I’ll have a whole new rejuvenation in my own practicing. Partially because I will absolutely need to practice now and partially because I’ll be so excited about practicing. I’m also going to a few orientations. The orientations themselves are not very exciting, but the chance to meet a few new people, and the other new grad music students is.

The least exciting thing next week is definitely my grad entrance exams. I have a theory exam on Friday from 3 – 5, with some short aural components after. Then a history exam from 7 – 9. That is a little more than 4 hours of tests! If I don’t pass I have to take an additional class this term or two this term. It’s time to really buckle down and start learning that theory all over again! Hello University of Oregon, here I come!

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