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Stitch n’ @$!*#

September 19, 2005

I’m not really that shy I just like how all those little symbols look for forbidden words. So lately my brain has been everything knitting. In order to make sure that I do the things that I need to get done, I have to reward myself with knitting at the end of my chores, even if it’s just a few rows. Just one more row…please….

So in an effort to quench my thirst for my new found obsession, I got Stitch n’ Bitch: The Knitter’s Handbook, by Debbie Stoller, from the Eugene Public Library. This book is absolutely fabulous. I read it pretty much cover to cover in a few days! Even though most of it was a review for me, it really helped me understand knitting so much more. I fixed several little things that were plaguing my stitches and now my knitting has gone back to the consistent way it used to be.

Why would my knitting get worse over the last year or so? Well, it’s a matter of having too many teachers, who won’t teach me my way! I knit “continental style” which simply means that I hold my free yarn in my left hand. I get this from the many years of crocheting. The more popular and common style is “English” which holds the yarn in the right hand. You wouldn’t think that this would confuse people that much, but it does! I have been told that I should just switch because it would be easier, but in fact it is not only easier for me continental, but much, much faster.

So now my second sock is coming along, and much quicker than the first one. I’ve already done my cuff and heel and am working on the foot section. Soon enough I will have my beautiful pair of socks!

Stitch n’ Bitch is so well written that even a very beginner could learn from this book. The book covers the very basics, intermediate, advanced techniques, a brief history and how to start your own stitch n’ bitch group. The advanced techniques are just a brief overview and probably would need further explanation. Even though I got this book from the library, it may have to find its way into my permanent collection. It’s just that good!

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  1. Bonnie permalink
    September 22, 2005 12:23 pm

    Hello Beautiful Jodie,

    I have at long last got to check our your lovely site. I’m glad you’re doing this (having a page) because I can hear your voice describing all of these little things as I’m reading them, and that’s fantastic. Oh yah, by the way “continental style” sounds very dirty to me. =)

    Love and Hugs,

  2. September 23, 2005 6:26 pm

    Oh Bonnie, that’s so funny! Now whenever I knit I’m going to think dirty thoughts! I’m glad you liked my blog and I hope you keep reading it. :)

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