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Handmade Occasions – Week 5

October 2, 2013

It’s that time of the week again. I’m compiling 5 tutorials for handmade gifts every week and asking you to join in too! Scroll down for the link party. You can seem more Handmade Occasions here.

This week I’m thinking about Advent Calendars. Do you do one? Is it homemade? Connor won’t really understand it quite yet, but it’s a tradition I would really like to start this year. For us, it’s not only a count down to the holidays, but a countdown to his birthday and Anthony’s birthday.

Handmade Occasions W5

There are lots of options with advent calendars. I’m obviously interested in something made from fabric, because I want to make it once and then use it every year. However, there are tons of creative things out there with paper, toilet paper rolls and even muffin tins. I also am looking for something with little pockets. This is similar to the calendar I grew up with, so it has some sentimental value too.

Look for sewing tutorials and most likely Sew Mama Sew will have something to fit the bill. The quilted advent calendar by Elizabeth from Oh Fransson! is very clever and so beautiful! If you haven’t seen Elizabeth’s work before and you quilt, you must check her out.

Adventcalender_2 I love the idea of the mini stockings. This one while beautiful will definitely need some time set aside for all that cutting, quilting and assembling. However, even the finishing is great on this mini stocking advent calendar from Needles and Lemons.

advent-calender-425-2I know this pocket advent calendar looks a lot like the Sew Mama Sew one above, but instead of quilting, this one uses felt. Purl Bee is fantastic resource for projects that are simple, clean and timeless. The Embroidered Felt Advent Calendar is great for something that will last a long time in a family tradition. I love that the numbers are hand embroidered on each square giving it a very personal feeling.

kalender3This one is similar to the stockings that you would use a clothes line or something similar to hang them, while the cones are separate. The beauty of something like this is that you can add each cone as the days go instead of just filling a pocket. The Christmas Calendar for Sharing by Pickles is a fun creative calendar. I love that not all the fabrics are holiday themed!

solstice07-724235This calendar isn’t for Christmas, but solstice instead! I love the the 3 dimensional nature of the trees and the owls. This calendar can be pulled out for both the winter and the summer and explores learning the seasons. I have to be honest, the Solstice Calendar isn’t really a tutorial (oops!) but this post from Green Kitchen is well worth the inspiration. This paired with one of the tutorials above would work well.

Now having compiled this list, I’m thinking of lots of ideas for ours. Something with pockets? A tree shape? Most likely I will do mine in a blue, purple, ice and winter theme instead of the xmas green and red.

Want to join Handmade Occasions. Compile a list of 5 tutorials (they don’t have to be advent calendars) and link below.


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