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Colors of Fall – Saturday Market

October 4, 2013

It had been awhile since I had been to the Saturday Market, but I’m really glad I at least got to go once this fall. There are only a few weekends left, and even fewer with sunny weather. The colors were stunning, and I couldn’t help myself from taking a few shots. Even if I looked like a tourist in my own town.

Colorful Peppers - Saturday Market

These peppers grabbed me first. This year I’ve actually been able to get over my dislike for bell peppers. I’m still not fond of the green ones, but red, yellow, orange. Yum! Not sure about purple though, may need to get a few of those to try.

Saturday Market - Peppers

This pepper booth always gets me. They have a tiny pepper roaster and it always smells like New Mexico to me (home sweet home!) If anyone ever asks me what I miss about NM? Green Chili and New Mexican food! I think most people expect me to say the sunny days. No way! Give me that Oregon rain.

Saturday Market

Speaking of Oregon rain. Some of these beauties went home with us. Someday we’ll learn where and how to go chanterelle hunting, but for now we know we can get some at Saturday Market.

Saturday Market - Basil


I remember moving here and seeing the giant bunches of basil for sale. So fragrant. With those strawberries there, it almost doesn’t look like an autumnal photo though!

The next few weekends we have more autumnal activities planned for our family. Does your family have any fall traditions? How do you celebrate the bounty of wonderful colorful foods?

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