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Anthony’s Simple socks

May 11, 2007

I finished these awhile ago, but haven’t posted them.


These are Anthony’s latest pair of socks.  I actually started them for the blue portion of project spectrum but didn’t get a chance to post them to the Flickr group.  I have several things like this from February/March.  Oh well, I’m doing better now.

I did these toe-up and with a round toe because I had seen someone do it at the Monday knit night.  It was very easy, and I really liked how it fit.

Here’s how it works;

Cast on 8 sts

Kfb every stitch

K one round

Kfb, K1, repeat

Knit one round

Kfb, K2, repeat

K one round (etc until you have desired about of stitchs)

I also did a different heel that I really liked but I’ll have to explain that one another time in another post.  Now it’s time to get some dinner!

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