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Advent Calendar Sew Along – Ornaments Part 1

November 30, 2013

It’s time to make the ornaments for our Advent Calendar Sew Along.

Advent Calendar Sew Along: Strings and Yarn

If you didn’t catch it before, we’ve already made the base of our advent calendar.

First you need the patterns for your ornament shapes.

You’ll want different colors of felt (mine are all blues and purples) and cut out 2 shapes for each ornament. That will be 48 shapes because we’ll do a star for the top.

The fun part of the ornaments (for me anyway) was getting all the supplies for the sparkle! I don’t usually use very much sparkle in my projects, so this has been a really great way for me to get my sparkle on.

Ribbon and Trim

I started with my ribbon and trims. The first trim that I noticed was the metallic silver mini ric rac. If I have the opportunity to use ric-rac, I take it. You’ll need some ribbon for hanging your ornaments. I’m using 3/8 inch silver ribbon (the link is similar, but not quite the same). I also couldn’t resist the white pom poms. So many fun things to decorate with.

Sequins Galore!

You can’t do bling right without some sequins, right? I bought an assorted pack of sequins so that I could add some different sizes and colors to my ornaments.
Shiny Snowflake buttons

For some of the quicker and easier ornaments I found these snowflake buttons for some instant glitz and shine.

Silver Threads for Advent Ornaments

I’ve been using lots of special stitches that I don’t usually get to use on my machine, so I wanted some silver thread for those fun details. For my machine I got some sulky silver threadsulky bobbin thread and for hand embroidery some metallic embroidery floss.

So now are you ready to get going? Here are the first 5 ornaments for my tree.

First 5 Ornaments


The top is left open so you have a pocket for your goodies and treats. I have loved doing a mix of hand sewing and different stitches on my machine. Next post will be details on the different decorations I did.

Need some more ideas for shapes? These ornaments from Imagine Our Life are not pockets, but they are so cute! Will be keeping these bookmarked for future ideas.

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