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Fall Felt Leaf Garland

October 21, 2013

So it may just seem like I’m posting a whole bunch of tutorials for Handmade Occasions, but I actually intend to make a whole bunch of these things! luckily most of them are fairly quick and not large projects to take on. The largest project I’ve started is Connor’s future play kitchen and his felt food.

As I started making the felt food, I realized I barely had any colors. I headed to Joann’s while they had felt on sale and bumped out my color choices. Even though I was primarily thinking about food creation, the fall felt garland had stuck in the back of my mind.

Felt Leaves

I originally thought that cutting all the leaves would be tedious, but it only took a few hours to get done. Unlike the original tutorial, I decided I wanted some different leaf shapes for my garland. I chose three leaf shapes, used a little clip art to help me sketch them out and started cutting.

Connor loves the fall leaves

Connor enjoyed playing with the garland a little before I hung it up. So much so that whenever he notices it he asks for it to come back down. I might have to make a little one for him to enjoy.

Fall Garland

Luckily I had the perfect handspun left over from a cowl that I had made. The orange and brown tones give it that little extra autumnal feel.

Hanging Fall Garland

I’ve never done much in the way of seasonal decorations, but I’m excited about doing a few things now. It feels more important with Connor. A special way to mark the and learn about the changes outside.


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