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Blacksheep Gathering Blogger/Ravelry Meet Up

April 15, 2008

Yup you heard me right.  As a matter of fact we aren’t just going to do a meet up, we’re going to copy the Rhinebeck folks and have bingo, but we need people to play.  Here’s the information!

1) You can either be a player, a square or both. If you are a square you’ll display the Blacksheep Bingo logo while at the event. If you are a player, you will get your bingo cards a week before so you can check out who you will be looking for. If someone isn’t wearing their logo, but you know they are on your card, take this as a sign that they may need a bingo breather.

2) Play space will be limited to the fair grounds public space. I think we should avoid tent spaces and camping. Depending on how many people we get together this could be very intrusive to people who are camping. However, the different buildings on the fairgrounds are all game!

3) If you would like to participate e-mail blacksheepbingo (at) gmail (dot) com. Please put “Participation” in the subject line. Here’s the info you need to put together.

-Participation: (Player/Square/Both)


-Email Address

-Blog Name (if applicable)

-Blog Address (if applicable)

-Ravelry Name (if applicable)

-What day(s) will you be attending the gathering (Fri, Sat, Sun)?

4) All participants will be put in a drawing for the prizes. Overall, this is a chance for us to meet each other and share a great fiber gathering! If you are interested in donating prizes please email blacksheepbingo (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject line “Prizes.” If you would like to e-mail a picture of what you’ll be including, I’ll be making sure to feature donations and prizes on my blog.

I would like to open this up to bloggers as well as ravelers, so it’s time to get the word out! Post on your blogs, message other people who you know will be going to blacksheep. The more people there are, the more fun this will be!

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  1. April 15, 2008 5:37 pm

    where is the event to be held?

  2. April 21, 2008 9:01 am

    re: sockapalooza 4
    last year the socks were sent out on August 5th. Alison on blue blog said that she might do sockapalooza a little later this year so that socks would ship during a cooler season.

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