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Saturday Market Bag Revisited

April 10, 2008

So I got word that Magknits is no more because I’ve received several e-mails and ravelry messages.   I’m sad to see that Magknits isn’t going to be around anymore, but I’m glad there is still so much interest in the bag.

I had always just linked to Magknits, but seeing as that is no longer a way to get to the pattern, you can now download it on raverly or you can just download it here; Saturday Market Bag(pdf).

I’m sure I’ll be converting the Uniscarfity pattern to a pdf also, but since it’s a little less popular, I’ll get to it when I have a little more time.  In the mean time, Farmer’s Market (or Saturday Market for Eugeneites) season is coming up soon, so get knitting!


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