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January 31, 2008

I woke up the other morning with the revelation that I was finally ready to get rid of the acrylic yarn that I had in the closet.  I had some projects in mind.  A beach bag here, possibly a baby sweater there.  But then I decided I would much rather use other yarn, and knew it was time to clear some out.

To give you an idea, my stash closet has four cube shelves (you know the shelves you had in your college dorm) and two of these were full of acrylic yarn.  I kept the yarn to finish a half finished crochet blanket for my mom and that’s it.  However, this didn’t really create more space in the shelves.  So much yarn was spilling out of the shelves that I was able to fill the two cubes pretty quickly.

I still have crap yarn.  I’m sure I’ll get rid of it someday, but these are small steps.  I used to do major fundraising with this stuff, so it feels weird getting rid of it all.  The things left are mainly softer nicer acrylics that are much easier to make charity knits out of.

I used Eugene FreeCycle or Lane County Pay it Forward to get rid of this yarn.  If you haven’t searched already, see if there is a similar group in your area.  It turns out the person I gave it to was ecstatic to receive so many colors to start with.  Definitely worth clearing up some space.

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