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Mystery Stole 3 – the beginning

July 10, 2007

I’ve started my stole!  I ended up going to Soft Horizons and just getting some Merino Lace for the project.  It’s cheap, and quick.  I didn’t have to wait for shipping or anything, so I got some instant gratification.

This is somewhere in the middle of Chart B.  I’m using very light pink beads in two slightly different colors.  Although, it’s very hard to tell the difference in color, so they all look like little shiny pearly bits.

How often do I get to take pictures of shiny pretty beads for the blog?  I’ve really enjoyed putting the beads in, and I’m nuts about the crochet hook method.  When I had tried to do beading before I had mixed results with getting the bead to stay in place well, but now it’s working really well.

I think I’m going to use this shawl for attending Symphony concerts, and maybe for performances.  We’ll see.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on Ella and the bedroom.  We have been enjoying moving things around the house and finally feeling like we can completely unpack.  Plus we’ve been planning an IKEA raid for the new one in Portland.  We’ve got a closet to organize after all.

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