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New Bedroom with Paint

May 21, 2007

Anthony and I have been slowly working on our bedroom. We try to get a little bit done every weekend and progress is really showing now. First we ripped up carpet (including the stylish baseboard carpet on the wall), then we framed the closet, then we drywalled over the hideous wood paneling. I showed a picture of our new window here, but I didn’t realize I had never shared a pic of the drywall progress. I’m sure we have a few, I’ll try to post one later.

Overall, it’s been quite the learning experience. I haven’t done a lot of the construction part. I’ve mostly left that to Anthony and several of our friends. This weekend, I began to work my magic.

The first coat of paint is done! I’ll be taking some more photos to really show off the room soon. Thanks to all of my awesome friends for helping out. It only took a few hours of hard work, and then Anthony made dinner for us.  Not a bad deal since he is an awesome cook.

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  1. May 22, 2007 5:26 pm

    Congratulations on finishing the bedroom. It is always fun to finish a big project.

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