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Ocean Yarn and Icarus Progress

October 19, 2006

I have been knitting and I finally was able to get some half way decent pictures. Enough to show some progress anyway. Plus, I’ve had a very lazy day today, which has been perfect for the weather. It’s been grey, rainy, dreary; a perfect day for a cuppa and some knit blogging.

Ocean Hand Spun Yarn

This is some yarn that I’ve been slowly spinning for awhile.  I dyed this roving a long time ago, and have been loving spinning it. It varies between fingering and DK weight. I’m thinking of making a Branching Out with this. I have more fiber to spin and I’ve already made close to 400 yards. We’ll see, there’s a lot of things on the “to knit” list.

Icarus Shawl

Here’s the progress on my Icarus. I’m almost done with the second chart, and I have loved making it so far. I did one less repeat on the first chart because I don’t want it as big. I love this yarn. The colors are wonderful and it’s so light, warm and soft. I can’t wait to finish it so I’ve been trying to get a few rows in every day. The rows are getting long, so they’ve been taking awhile.

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