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Red Scarf Project

October 18, 2006

Many of you have already heard about this, but I thought I’d do a post about it just in case. The red scarves have to be recieved by January 1st and go to young adults with no families that are going to college. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to be able to get one done, currently I’m just trying to handle my own college education.
Link: Red Scarf Project

Can you believe that next week is midterms for me? I seems like I just started. Thus is the whirlwind of the quarter system.

As far as my knitting progress goes, it’s happening. I just haven’t been able to get any photos of anything. I’m not home during the day much and when I am it’s been impossible to get any blogging done. I haven’t even shown you the Claire Cardigan yet and that was done a few weeks ago. I’m going to try to get that photographed and get the pattern up this weekend (cross your fingers).
Due to the lack of knitting progress I’ll post a few blogs that I read regularly and have good FOs. Enjoy!

So Much Yarn, So Little Time

Yarn Beans

b r o o k l y n t w e e d

Kim Knits (and sometimes not)

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