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Big Day

October 6, 2006

Heavy stuff ahead, just a little warning…

Yesterday was a one of those big landmarks in my life and it came and went without much special notice. Which is actually how I would like it to be.

Eleven years ago, yesterday, I was diagnosed with bone cancer. Osteosarcoma in my left femur above my knee. Today, I would have been getting a biopsy, and on Oct 12th it will be eleven years since I became an amputee. But that’s not really what made yesterday important. What’s really important is that I have been cancer free for ten years now.

I had a “finished with chemo” party when I was done, a 5 year remission party in 2001, but I didn’t do much this year. We had a party last weekend, but only a few people there knew it was partially to celebrate my life. Mostly it was the party to break in our house. Anthony and I will go out for a nice dinner tonight, and yesterday I received one of the sweetest packages from my parents.

It actually makes me more happy that it isn’t a big deal anymore. When I was diagnosed, I spent years where my cancer was what defined me. People associated my name with the disease, and while that wasn’t bad at the time, I’m very ready to move on. When I had celebrated my remission before, it was to celebrate my battle with a disease that tried to overtake my life. Now it is a celebration of not being associated with sickness.

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  1. October 6, 2006 2:17 pm

    YAY!! **hugs** l’chaim!

  2. October 6, 2006 2:44 pm

    Congratulations! Here’s to life!

  3. KarenK from the OR Coast permalink
    October 6, 2006 4:01 pm

    Best wishes and congratulations on your celebration!

  4. October 6, 2006 4:51 pm

    Blessings to you…may your 80-year anniversary be just as uneventful. :)

  5. October 6, 2006 6:06 pm

    That’s so awesome that you are able to celebrate life now instead of just being free of a disease. Congrats on the big milestone and may there be many more where you don’t have to think of them in that way.

  6. October 6, 2006 8:15 pm

    Congratulstions on 10 years of good health!!! I love a cancer success story.

  7. Barbara-Kay permalink
    October 7, 2006 5:37 am

    Mazeltov! Huzzah! Congrats! Choose one and apply liberally!

    I appreciate your attitude. I was asked to go to a “Cancer Survivors Banquet”, a fund raiser for cancer research. I declined. I’ll give them money later, as it is a charity project of our club this year. But I can’t see defining your life from cancer on as a “cancer survivor”. As you have shown, there’s so much more!

  8. October 7, 2006 10:42 pm

    I’m glad for it too. There are so many other things that define Jodie; the cancer, the amputation, those are just things that happened. But who she is and what she does – that’s what matters. And the fact that she is here, and that I get to share the days with her – here’s to 10 years, babe – and so many, many more to come.

  9. October 8, 2006 7:26 pm

    Congratulations on your recovery. Continued good health and beautiful music making and knitting!

  10. Jodie permalink
    October 9, 2006 9:35 pm

    Thank you for all the wonderful comments. Anthony and I had a wonderful dinner to celebrate. I haven’t decided yet, but I may get some yarn as a treat. Any suggestions?

  11. Lauren permalink
    October 10, 2006 11:06 am

    Jodio!!! It makes me so sad that I didn’t know this! (I suppose I COULD keep up with blog reading) :(

    I love you and we need to talk more!

  12. Jodie permalink
    October 10, 2006 8:42 pm

    Lauren, I don’t talk about it much, so of course you didn’t know. We definintely need to talk soon.

  13. Gray permalink
    October 12, 2006 6:32 am

    I’m awfully glad that you have come though the decade cancer-free, and that it takes up a much smaller fraction of your life and identity now.

    I don’t remember you writing much about this before. Somehow Ravel’s Tzigane started running through my head as I thought about your ten years- It starts with a sad and isolated single violin, and ends with the entire orchestra, energetic and thriving.

    Anyway, congratulations.


  14. Jodie permalink
    October 12, 2006 8:41 am

    Gray, I’ve played Tzigane, but I’m definitely going to have to go listen to it again now. I haven’t written much about it before because it does take up a very small fraction of my life. Most of the time I don’t even really think about it.

  15. October 23, 2006 11:04 am

    Just catching up on your blog…Happy Anniversary :-)

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