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La Jolla Kayak

August 20, 2006

This must be a trend.  Whenever Anthony and I travel somewhere, especially since we’ve been on the ocean a bunch, we go kayaking.  This time we decided to try out La Jolla Kayak and kayak around the caves.  We decided to skip the tour and just go out on our own.  The caves were beautiful, but we didn’t kayak into any of them.  The caves are a little stinky, with all the seagulls.  The really neat part was all the wildlife.  On a sunny morning you can look into the water and see the leapord sharks and guitarfish.  If you are really looking you can see several different types of fish too.  The most exciting part for us was happening upon a sea turtle as we were coming back.  The turtle was enjoying the warm water and would stick it’s head up occasionally to breath.  It was a real treat to see.  Kayaking is definietly something we would like to explore more of. 

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