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Love for the Socks

May 28, 2006

I finally finished Anthony’s socks (pattern will be coming soon, I promise), and I think he’s in love. He put the socks on and it was love at first fitting. Unfortunately, I need a few pictures of the socks for the pattern so he has been forbidden to wear them with shoes or outside of the house.

I finished them while he was at work, and when he got home I was able to present them to him. Of course I forced him to take off his shoes and socks immediately to try them on. The socks he had on were wet from his bike ride home (it’s been raining like crazy the last week) and he was thankful for something dry and warm.

After he had them on he didn’t want to take them off. (I made him so that I could finish a few last things.) However, I couldn’t have been more lucky as a knitter, someone who will appreciate my hard work and gift.

Now he wants more socks (good thing I’ve sign up for Summer of Socks) and he even offered to buy sock yarn. Wahahahahahaha! I will never let him forget that one.

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