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Eugene Symphony – Brahms Requiem

February 9, 2006

Well, my Guessing Game didn’t go quite as planned. I wanted to bring out some of the lurkers, but my faithful commenter’s came through. Thanks guys for guessing. I’m going to leave it up a little while longer before I post what it is. Hopefully will get a few more guesses going.

Anthony and I went to the Eugene Symphony again tonight. They played Haydn Symphony No. 100 “Military” and the Brahms Requiem. I’m a huge fan of Brahms, but tonight I think the Haydn was my favorite. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard a live Haydn Symphony, and it reminded me of just how hard it is to play. Everything is so exposed because there isn’t a lot of orchestra noise to cover things up. When you move forward in time the orchestra is so big that it can be easy to hide in, depending on the piece.

Overall though a terrific night. Anybody else seen a Symphony Concert lately? Or has anyone played one recently? University of Oregon Symphony has one on Sunday at 3 if anyone is interested. It’s an unusual program with a tuba concerto.

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