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Green Valley Weavers Supply Colorado Springs, CO

February 5, 2006

Green Valley Weavers Supply was the shop that I ended up getting my yarn for my new sweater. It’s actually in Old Colorado City, which I think is still considered part of Colorado Springs. This shop was a little smaller than the Knitter’s Kove but the ladies working there were very helpful. I didn’t bring my pattern, but I knew how much and what I needed. They helped me pick out a color and look at the different fiber content. Ahh…Fiber content…. Sorry I was drifting.

My yarn is 100% wool, but its not itchy or scratchy. We did plenty of cheek and neck tests to make sure. I know the picture below doesn’t really do it justice, but its a beautiful light heathery green. It’s Galway Highland Heather and it’s been so nice to work with so far.

I’ve noticed that several of my last few posts have to do with Irish/Scottish/Celtic stuff. I didn’t even realize I had such a theme going. I’ve always liked the music, and the knotwork. The Hairy Coo was just perfect timing.

Green Valley Weavers Supply

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