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Sight Reading Party

January 24, 2006

It’s been a crazy music filled week. I played in another master class with my quartet last night, and we had a ruckus sight reading party on Saturday. Yes, that’s what geeky string players do when they have free time, we get together to drink and sight read chamber music. We were able to look at some of the classics, Mendelssohn’s Octet, Schubert’s Death of the Maiden, and Shostakovitch No. 8, and several of Beethoven’s Op. 18 quartets. Teachers talk about knowing music so well that you could play it in your sleep, but they should really talk about knowing it so well you could play it when you’re drunk.

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  1. January 25, 2006 11:32 am

    I love sight-reading parties! :)

  2. Jodie permalink
    January 26, 2006 1:02 pm

    It’s always nice to know that your not the only string geek out there. Wind players don’t really understand this one. (Not to mention eating drinking and then blowing into and instrument is strictly forbidden)

  3. February 5, 2006 9:23 am

    When I “played” guitar I was usually convinced that I could play much better when I was tanked up a bit. It does tend to make the music a lot harder to read…

  4. Jodie permalink
    February 5, 2006 6:03 pm

    Blurry music is always slightly difficult. We are starting the Opera (Marriage of Figaro) and were debating whether it needed some wine during some of the performances, most likely it will. Operas are long, and I think the wine will make it go by a little faster. Thanks for coming by severina, hope to see you again.

  5. Astrid permalink
    February 21, 2006 1:16 pm

    That sounds like way too much fun.

    I once had a sight reading session at a party where we played kazoos. That was a challenge. We played fourths, as in Brahms’ 4th symnphony and the 4th Brandenburg Concerto.

  6. Jodie permalink
    February 21, 2006 11:36 pm

    That’s awesome! I’m going to have to suggest that for our next sight reading party. Maybe I’ll just surprise everyone with a bunch of kazoos. Were they the quality kind or just little plastic ones?

  7. rebekah permalink
    February 23, 2006 11:39 pm

    maybe we should take our kazoos to the opera- i bet it’d sound about the same! :) hehehehe

  8. Jodie permalink
    February 25, 2006 1:08 pm

    Marriage of Figaro on Kazoos! I think that how Mozart really envisioned this opera. I’m sure he had a great appreciation for the kazoo and its virtuosic capabilities.

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