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One-legged Girl

December 22, 2005

I get a ton of people searching for “One Legged Girl” and landing at my site. I was just wondering what people are searching for. I’ve found that there are a few songs called with lyrics about a “One Legged Girl”, but somehow I doubt that’s what is being searched for. If you feel like enlightening me on this mystery please do.

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  1. Edward Spratte permalink
    July 20, 2007 1:07 am

    Pain (American Band) – One-Legged Girl is a song
    here are the lyrics
    Behind the counter stood on crutches made of wood
    A one-legged girl with blue-grey eyes, warm and wise.
    I fled from that place and from that lovely face
    That the one-legged girl stole my heart and I need help.
    Cold November morning, buried under trees.
    I would stay here all day long except I have to eat.
    Crack the woods, crack them open both with shovels and yells.
    Got to find little people, got to ask for their help.
    And I tell them
    If I could run fast, as fast as the Flash
    Or be as cool as Ash in Army of Darkness.
    If I were a Gai-King or maybe a Viking,
    Stronger than the Thing then I could win the one-legged girl.
    Getting close to nighttime, running out of steam.
    By now I know my family’s looking and they’ll know right where I’ll be.
    Spy the eyes in the twilight, small and bright, warm and wise.
    Little hats, little fingers, and a flask full of wine.
    And I’d tell them
    If my hand were wheels and if my feet were wheels
    Then I could roll over all of my rivals.
    If I could cast a spell or do something swell
    So that she could tell I was worth her attention.
    Arms drag me away.
    The little eyes wink out.
    Stuffed inside my pocket is a flask of wine.
    Now I can run as fast as the Flash
    Or be as cool as Ash in Army of Darkness.
    Now I’ll be a Gai-King or maybe a Viking,
    Stronger than the Thing.
    Now I can win the one-legged girl!

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