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Pumpkin Fudge

December 17, 2005

In order to get in the Holiday Season, Anthony and I have made fudge. I think the idea started when Carla sent Anthony some pumpkin fudge and some homemade marshmallows. The sweet treats were amazing! So we decided to give it a go on our own.

I have a family recipe for regular chocolate fudge. It involves a lot of butter, sugar, chocolate and marshmallow cream. Since I really like the gooey texture (I’m a believer that texture has a lot to do with food) I found a recipe for pumpkin fudge with marshmallow cream. The only change we made was in the suggestions, which was to put more pumpkin spice in. The other problem was that it wouldn’t get to the temperature noted on the recipe. The thermometer was stuck at 220° F and our thermometer said that soft ball stage was cooler than what the recipe noted. We eventually decided that the sugar butter mix had cooked long enough and to go ahead with the next step. It turned out beautifully! So far we’ve only gotten good reviews, and some people have been left speechless.

Pumpkin Fudge

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