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Jasmine’s Outdoor Adventure

December 9, 2005

While I lived in Flagstaff, AZ my apartment was three levels and had two staircases. Despite hating stairs, it was the place we picked because of decent rent prices as well as lots of space. The first level had the garage, the second the living spaces and the third, the main bathroom and bedrooms. Since the first level was just the garage, the cat never made it down to the door of escape. I also lived on the highway going toward the Grand Canyon. Needless to say, this street was pretty busy and Jasmine (due to an unfortunate incident with a broken screen in my bedroom and a kitten’s curiosity) was terrified of the busy outdoors.

This is not the case in Eugene. My kitty has full access to my front and back door, and loves to play the game of escape. I love rainy days because somehow a wet outdoor experience is not as appealing.

A few days ago Jasmine escaped while I was frantically handing my Netflix envelope to the mail-lady. She got out quickly and by the time I got shoes on (I have emergency sandals right next to the door) she had escaped out of view completely. Since I couldn’t see her or get to her due to a fence I equipped myself with the ultimate weapon. A can of cat treats.

I shook the treats and called her name. No response. I walked around to the other side of the block in the direction she had disappeared and still no response. I soon had five other cats look at me curiously wondering if I was out to give them a treat.

I stood in the cold for a long while thinking of all the horrible scenarios she may encounter. I could only hope she would get cold or hungry and would need to come home. After shaking the treats to no avail I decided to go home and try a little later. As I got to my door I gave the weapon one more shake just in case and before I knew it, she was by my feet. I opened the door and she dashed in. She didn’t want to stay out in the cold any more than I did. She got several treats and we spent the rest of the afternoon in my cozy apartment.

I was hoping this would have satiated her desire for the great outdoors, but of course she continues to attempt the mad dash. I guess I’m going to have to equip my door with a spray bottle of water again.

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