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I’m Done (Almost)

December 2, 2005

I have finished all my major assignments for my first term of Grad School, and I think I’ve been pretty successful. I have two finals next week (Thurs and Fri) and a Jury. For all of you non-music geeks that like a small 10 minuet audition in front of the string faculty to make sure I’m on task.

It feels so good to be done with a bunch of the big daunting tasks. I had to write a two page paper on a Suzuki book, write a one pager on the Nurtured by Love video, write a three page outline of the history of the violin concerto, compile a notebook with all of my 26.5 hours of observations I did, papers and notes, give my professor an overview on my progress toward orals, practice for a lesson, dictate the lower and upper voices of a string quartet as well as the harmonic progression and finish composing and setting text to a canon! Whew! Of course a few of these I knew about for a long time, and a few of them I actually worked on all semester, but of course some of it was procrastinated to the last minuet.

Thank goodness it’s all done.

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