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I-pod Cozy

November 26, 2005

I got an I-Pod!!!! I’ve been wanting one for so long, and I finally broke down and got one. No it’s not one of the cool new ones with the video screen, but it does have a color screen for photos. It also has 60 Gigs. Way more than I’ll ever need, but something that I can still grow into.

I got it from the Duck bookstore. They had the old ones on sale because of the nifty new ones. What’s even cooler than having an I-pod for my extensive and expansive music collection is that I now have a new thing to create accessories for.

I’ve knitted myself an I-pod cozy. Since it was such an easy project I decided to try and do my first cable on it. It’s not quite right because I got inpatient and refused to read any instructions on cabling . Not only did I get to create something cool, but it protects it too! Here’s the picture;

Expect to see more I-pod cozies in the future. :)

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