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NaNoWriMo 11/23/05

November 24, 2005

The month is almost done! NaNo is whizzing by as well as the rest of my University term. I’m going to try my hardest to prepare for next week (the end of NaNo and the last week of classes where everything is due) and keep my sanity. I’m sure there are going to be several late nights and a slightly crankier Jodie.

As the month is winding up I’m realizing how much I’ve learned in this novel writing process. First of all, it didn’t go as I had expected it to. I knew it was going to be hard to write a cohesive story from beginning to end, but I didn’t expect quite so many holes in my plot. I’m a little scared to read it again. Second, it’s amazing how much my story changes depending how I feel. Last night I was starving and all I could write about was food. Then there are all the plot twists that get entered on a whim. That part is what creates those holes, but it’s probably the part the was the most fun.

Okay enough gibber jabber. Here’s the breakdown for yesterday.

Word Count; 1,705

Words Left; 14,250

Words Written; 35,750

Days Left; 7

The last thing that Ilene kept secret was her lunch dates with James. James had showed up at her apartment the day after she had confirmed her pregnancy. She wouldn’t have burst out in tears the way she did if his timing had been different, but she had felt desperate to talk to someone. She told James everything, and he was the only other person who knew. At first she was worried that he would tell someone else, or worse look at her as disgusted as she felt with herself. Thankfully James didn’t do either. He comforted her and gave her whatever help he could at the time. After he left she was sure he would never talk to her again. It was quite the opposite, he dropped by the next day making sure that she felt better. Ever since then she went occasionally to have lunch with him.

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