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NaNoWriMo 11/14/05

November 15, 2005

Okay so I did pretty good on my word count today. Not the 2,103 that I’m supposed to, but much better than before. It’s not technically 11/14 anymore (long night of writing) but I have to go to bed now and this does count for the 14th. Here’s the info

Word count; 1,981

Words left; 31,658

Words written; 18,342

Days left; 16

Thanks for all the support guys! It’s really helped.


Ilene felt so confused. Obviously Ellen meant well, but she left no contact information or intention on seeing Ellen again. Even the money wasn’t going to be given in person, but would be sent instead. This was the last straw to Ilene’s day and she finally broke down. She sat down on the couch that Ellen had been sleeping on and sobbed away. She sobbed away the end of her life as a single independent woman, she sobbed away the last bit of any childhood innocence she had left, and she sobbed away a friendship that had carried her through the difficulties of young adulthood. She was now forced to be on her own. Her family would never understand her situation with David the way that Ellen would have, and Ilene had decided to approach her too late. She knew that even if David wanted to stay with her, she would never feel complete companionship again.

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