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NaNoWriMo 11/7/05

November 7, 2005

Another NaNoWriMo day down and I have less than 40,000 words to go! I have really been enjoying writing for this. So far most of the time things just seem to be getting on the page pretty easily. Very few blocks, but time is somewhat of an issue. Even though I am pretty much constantly typing, it still takes a while (about two hours) to get my word count in. I have been thinking about this novel for a really long time so that helps. Here’s my info for the day.

Word Count; 1,762

Words Left; 39,662

Days Left; 23


The café was full of people carrying on conversations about their day, their strife and their pleasures. Behind the counter several people were bustling about serving desserts to the ogling customers. The deserts were some of the most lavish, decadent pieces of food Ellen had ever seen. Chocolate pies with and array of fruit, chocolate shavings and carefully crafted whip cream dollops lined the glass case. As soon as James and Ellen were at the front of the line the server gave them a warm smile and asked them what they would like. They had decided to share a chocolate caramel torte with nuts carefully placed along the top edge.

As they were enjoying the end of their evening, Ellen looked out the window and spotted a large figure pacing slightly outside. Could it be? No!
“What time is it?” She asked James.
“Wow! It’s nine thirty, time flies when you’re having fun. Oh…well, I’ve been having fun. Have you been enjoying yourself?” Ellen had only heard the time. As soon as he had told her, her stomach had turned a somersault and she was looking intently out the window. The pacing man was out of view now, and Ellen couldn’t tell where he had gone. She looked back at James and saw that he was waiting for and answer as well as looking slightly deflated.
“What did you say?”
“Oh nothing, do you want to go?”
“No, I’m just going to step outside really quickly, I’ll be right back.” Ellen quickly gathered her things and headed toward the door. As soon as she stepped outside she immediately realized the door was lined with men dressed in black suits. She spotted the man that had been pacing outside. She had originally thought it would be Gus, but Gus wasn’t around. Instead they were all Gus look-alikes with the same large body frame and the same black suits.
“Can I hel…mphh” she started. The man to her left had grabbed her arm twisted it behind her and covered her mouth all in one fell swoop.

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