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NaNoWrMo 11/5/05

November 6, 2005

Here’s Saturdays work.

Word Count; 2,033

Words Left; 42,089

Days Left; 25


“So last night was your first time in a speakeasy, huh? What did you think?”
“I wasn’t sure how I would fit in. It just doesn’t seem like the kind of place that would want a person like me.”
“Oh don’t you worry. Speakeasies are a good place for everyone. Everyone except the cops that is. So you want to know what you’ll be doing at The Buzz huh?”
“Yeah, I do! I think I’ve been pretty cooperative. I would like to know what I’m doing here.”
“Okay, okay. Jeez. Basically you’ll be doing anything that I do. Eventually that is not right away. Sure you’ll be training up for a few weeks, but after that you’ll just be waiting tables mostly and every once and awhile you’ll be up on stage dancing. No big deal. Basically your main job will be to please the customer with whatever they want.”
“Dancing? I’ve never danced in my life, what makes you think I’ll be able to?”
“I’m the best dancer in town and I can train anyone, that’s what. Look here. You’re not only getting a new job, but excellent training. There are girls that would be begging me to do this for them, but I picked you.”
“Why did you pick me? Did you feel bad for me?”
“No. You had the right look. I knew that if I gussied you up you’ll do really well. Plus I love a good project.”
“What if I don’t want to this job? You never asked me.”
“Well, you’re here right? I’m not sure what would happen. Nobody has ever refused Bathtub of anything, and now he has his eyes on you. He would want to make sure that you didn’t tell anybody else about The Buzz. Secrecy is what keeps him in business. Otherwise you would go on living on a couch and searching for a job.”
How do you know I live on a couch? How do you know where I live at all? I never told you.” Ellen was realizing that she didn’t know the depth of her situation. She had forgotten that she was dealing with criminals and they had no boundaries.
“I told you. Bathtub has his eyes on you. It’s a good thing you didn’t talk to your roommate last night because he may have been upset about the reports back to him. Everything was good though. Just keep your mouth shut, and things will continue that way. I think we’ll be done for today. You need to come to The Buzz tonight. I’m going to be dancing and I want you to watch. I’ll be showing you some of the moves tomorrow. I also want you to watch some of the waitresses. Show up at the street corner again at eight, and expect to stay there until late. Gus! Can you drop me off here? Go ahead and take Ellen home and pick me up later.” Gus pulled over and Katrina grabbed her things. “Ellen, I live a very luxurious, independent life. I don’t need anyone else. I only have people helping me if I want them to. I think you’ll find that very satisfying.” Katrina shut the door leaving Ellen with her own thoughts.

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