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NaNoWriMo 11/3/05

November 3, 2005

Word Count; 1,699

Words Left; 44,783

Days Left; 27

I don’t have an excerpt for you today. Instead I’ve decided to do a small summary of what I’ve done the last few days.

  • Ellen goes for an interview for a job, she doesn’t get the job because the other woman applying knew the employer “personally.”
  • Ellen is living on Ilean’s couch. Ilean is an old roommate from college and this living situation is supposed to be temporary.
  • Ilean has been going on a few dates with David. They have seen each other six times total.
  • Ellen runs into Katrina and Max on the street after her horrible interview. She ruins the only dress good enough for interviews when she falls to the ground. Because her last dress is ruined Katrina offers her a job and asks her to show up later that night for an meeting.
  • Ellen shows up for her meeting and she has her first view of a speakeasy. She is pushed into an unfamiliar world. Katrina bargains with Bathtub, the boss, to train her as her protege.
  • Ellen runs into an old friend, James, and sets up a date with him.
  • Ilean has problems with David, but we’re not sure what yet.
  • Ellen begins her shopping adventure with Katrina and her bodyguard/chauffeur Gus.
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