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November 2, 2005

Done with day 2 with an hour to spare!

Word Count; 1,783

Words left; 46,482

Days left; 28

Heading home after the speakeasy;

The man showed Ellen the way out and sent her on her way. As Ellen walked up the street she could see Ilene and David outside kissing. She looked at the couple and wondered what David was like. Ellen had not spent time with him yet and Ilene wasn’t one to share much. Ellen wasn’t even sure where he worked. She was able to sneak in the back way and quickly get changed. She looked out the apartment window into the dark and watched as Ilene and David finished their goodbyes. Ellen didn’t know how to tell her about what had happened that night, so as soon as she came in she pretended to be asleep. Ilene softly tiptoed to her bedroom and shut the door. A few minutes later Ellen could hear Ilene’s soft sobs muffled by a pillow.

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