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NaNoWriMo Count Down!

October 12, 2005

I’ve signed up to become the next great novel writer! Well actually, it probably won’t be that great, but the key is that it will be done! During the month of November I will hopefully write 50,000 words and complete a novel. Fifty thousand isn’t really the length of a novel, but it’s a lot closer than what I have now.

I started outlining and researching my novel in Feb of 2004, but didn’t rtie consistantly enough to get anything done. A few months ago, when I first heard about NaNo I was all ready to start writing. I really dove into my research and started writing a few chapters. However, I decided to wait until Novemeber and use the push of getting it done in one month to motivate me.

It should be a fun and crazy month! If I start blogging less in November, you’ll know why. Until then, I will continue putting together my characters, their story, and researching life in the 1920’s. I’m sure there will be updates in the future.

Thanks for the countdown thing Anthony! I think it looks super cool on my sidebar!

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