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Little Book of Books

October 7, 2005

I love stripes! I even have a striped kitty! I especially love the a-symmetrical strips that have been on everything lately. Something about them gives me this very content feeling (only in the right color schemes though, some are absolutely horrid!). So on my last birthday, my friends Laura and Dave, gave me this little journal. I’m not sure if they gave it to me because of the stripes, or because of the fact that I also love to read books. Maybe it was just a perfect fit! The book says “what i read” on the outside and has proven to be the perfect little journal to keep track of all the books I have read. It is small so you don’t have to do a huge reflection on what you’ve just read. (I’ll save those for the papers I have to write for class.) It has sections for the date, title, author, and thoughts. I keep track of publishers as well. Interspersed there are sections such as authors i adore, or quotes to remember. I am constantly forgetting what I’ve read and what I thought of the book, so this has proved a very simple way to keep track my books.

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