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Labor Day Weekend Excursion

September 8, 2005

Oh internet! Why do you hate me so?! I haven’t posted in awhile because my free internet connection has decided that I am not worthy of a connection. So now I have to move out of my apartment to get my free internet and sometimes I even have to use other computers!

So I want to tell you about my weekend! It was fabulous! Central Oregon is beautiful and camping is great! Of course I originally wanted to leave early and that didn’t happen. My sleepiness overtook me and we ended up leaving Eugene around noon. First we went for a small hike (which gave me a small kick in the ass) to Proxy Falls. It was incredible. Some of the hike was full of lava rock while other parts were covered with green trees and moss. After our hike we drove into Sisters, OR. Sisters is and very quaint cute town full of old time charm. It reminds me a lot of Sedona because of their strict zoning laws and distinct style of their buildings. We were hungry so we got some much needed, but not so good Chinese food and a loaf of bread to replace the one we left at home.

Our camping destination was a just south of Sisters next to a babbling creek. The creek was only a few feet wide so it was small but gave our camping spot some back ground music. Actually the creek was a fascination the whole time we were there. Depending on where you stood and your height the creek sounded different. Sometimes it sounded like deep footsteps on the ground, and other times it sounded like musical instruments filled with water. Different random notes projected across our campsite and made the whole experience very relaxing.

I got a chance to try out my little tent that was handed down to me from my parents a few years ago. This thing amazes me. First, you must understand that this tent is older than me! (and I’m ancient) It doesn’t look anything like the tents of nowadays and uses two poles, eight stakes, and four ties to stay up. At first I thought it wouldn’t be sturdy and would collapse too easily, but NO! It would take a serious kick to knock this baby over. It was really easy to put up and worked great.

We packed up camp after one night and headed towards Bend, OR. We walked around downtown Bend and got a good lunch/beer at the Bend Brewing Co. I had their seasonal apricot ale which was excellent. I highly recommend it if you happen to be in Bend. We toddled around the downtown looking at shops and checking out the place, got some decent coffee and started to drive home.

Oh I forgot! When we got the bread in Sisters, we also got a piece of crumbly cobbler kind of stuff that was marionberry. I still haven’t seen a marionberry in the market so I’m not sure if I could make my own pie but they are heavenly! They are the cream de la cream of blackberries, which I also love. A great place to get your marionberry fix in Eugene is Sweet Life. All of their deserts are truly mouth watering tasty. Oregon is all about the marionberry.

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