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Knitting Socks

September 8, 2005

(I wanted to post this yesterday, but didn’t get a chance to with no internet. Here it is, but keep in mind that this was written on 9/7/05.)

I thought it was about time to do a proper knitting blog. In some way I feel that I am betraying my crocheting roots, but I am really enjoying learning how to knit. My latest obsession/ endeavor is to learn how to knit socks.

About a year ago I started crocheting socks. This was great! It was an additional gift that I could make for friends and family, whether they wanted them or not. They didn’t take to long and looked really nice. The crocheted socks were thick and bulky though and weren’t really fit for wearing inside shoes. So now I am attempting to knit socks that could be worn with sandals, shoes or as slippers depending on the thickness of yarn used.

I started out searching the internet for sock patterns. I found a few patterns that I would still like to try, but they weren’t what I was looking for with the yarn I have. I have a very light acrylic yarn that is called Sassy Stripes by Moda Dea. This yarn is especially cool, because it naturally turns into stripes when used. It makes it more exciting to see what will come out as you go. Kind of like one of those mystery puzzles where you don’t know what it looks like before you assemble it. I’m going to make my first pair for myself so that I don’t feel too pressured to make them perfect. (Fitting for yourself is much easier than someone else.) I have many sock projects in mind so that I can use up some of the yarn I own, and hopefully I will get through pieces of it here and there.

I tried desperately to start my socks on my own with my pattern and size modifications. The first time I tried with my stripe yarn. As hard as I tried I couldn’t get it to work. I was knitting left handed and that made my stitches too tight. When I learned to knit, I learned ambidextrously and now I get confused sometimes as to which way is the right way. The second time I tried with a variegated cotton yarn, but as I knitted the heel I got so frustrated that I tore the whole thing out. It was turning out too small and several places were just plain ugly. It’s probably better that I didn’t use the cotton anyway because it tends to be rougher than an acrylic. I needed help.

I went in today to the yarn store, The Knit Shop, and had the experts help me start. They gave me several very helpful hints on how to start a sock without a hole on the first row and how many stitches to start with so that it will fit me. I am hoping to get most of my first cuff done tonight so that I can go in tomorrow and learn how to get my heel stitched in. I have a few inches done already and can’t wait to do some more. This time it’s turning out just right! It was so nice to just sit in The Knit Shop and work on my sock while the other old ladies talk about how times have changed.

In case you are interested in some other knitting blogs there are plenty to check out. I personally look at Lion Brand’s blogs (I get their newsletter) and I really like “Just Let Me Finish This Row…” It’s written by a self taught knitter that is actually close to my age! It’s so nice to know that people close to my age are actually interested in knitting. I’m not the only one! I will make sure to post pictures of my socks when they are finished! Hopefully I won’t get SSS (Single Sock Syndrome) and will complete them both.

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