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Thankful for the Mundane

September 1, 2005

As I’m sitting here pondering what I want to post everything seems trivial. Katrina has proven a considerable force and has left many people struggling to survive. So as I sit here in an air conditioned coffee shop I am pondering what I could possibly say that could be interesting or profound. Nothing is coming to mind, so I will plod on with my Oregon life and my typical events.

I have gained seven students! Not only does this mean that I have begun to make a meager living, but it means that I am that much closer to surviving during the school year. Two of them are 45 mins, and five of them are 30 mins. I also have three more potentials so we’ll see how those go. So far everyone that I’ve given a trial lesson to has decided to take from me. The others either have not had their trial lesson or still have other trials before they will decide. A few of the students tried several teachers and decided later.

I let my yarn itch get to me. After I had seen the yarn shop I decided it was time to start using up what I had so that I could try new things. I have several projects in mind now, and keep thinking of more! So far I’ve found several knitters here and I’m going to really try to expand my knitting capabilities. I have several resources already and I can teach them to crochet in exchange. That is if they want to learn.

I am also planning two weekend trips. This weekend Anthony and I are going to explore Central Oregon and Bend. We have all sorts of little hikes and places to check out on our little trip and I can’t wait. It should be a lot of fun and I will get to see some of the really beautiful places in Oregon. I will take lots of pictures I promise! It will be the first time I’ve exercised my camera in Oregon. Next weekend I will be going down to Ashland with my Aunt Sue and Uncle Harry. They are going to pick me up on their way down from Seattle and then we will head down to visit my cousin Sam. I don’t really know this part of my family so I’m really glad that I will be able to spend some time with them. Hopefully I will be able to go to the Shakespeare festival while I’m there. As most of you know, I’m a Shakespeare nut and have been thinking about this festival ever since I found out that I would be moving to Eugene.

So overall, things are going really well. I continue to meet super nice and interesting people and have been exploring new places everyday. I went to my third Irish session last night and have been learning lots of new songs just by going. I am still really excited for classes to start, but I’m so glad that I am getting this time before things start going crazy to live a content, relaxed and healthy lifestyle. It’s even a little bit lazy. :)

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