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The Weekend and my addictions to Shakespeare, Reading, Radio, Yarn, Good Food, Good Beer, and Good Company

August 29, 2005

The world smells amazing right now! I guess my apartment (being the center of my world right now) smells amazing right now. That is because I am thoroughly enjoying my first Oregon rain. I realize that when it is raining constantly that it probably won’t smell so good, or be so exciting but right now I have a cool beautiful breeze that is billowing into my apartment with fresh smells of clean rain. I don’t think I’m going to mind the winter rains one bit.

I had a wonderful weekend! I had several students on Friday, but I still don’t have any planned into my fall schedule. Lots of students want to take trial lessons and they also like to take some time to decide for sure if I am the teacher for them. I got paid for the first time since I’ve moved though, and that is a very good thing!

I had Thai food on Friday night which just about made me melt. We went to a place called Tasty Thai that is located just a little south and west of where I live. Not too far. I hadn’t had Thai since I moved from Flagstaff (May) and was so excited about the complex tastes of a good Thai curry. To me Thai food is one of my favorites because of all the different flavors one bite can carry. Within one dish you will have sweet, sour, spicy and salty and they all meld together to create a burst of flavor. If you haven’t tried Thai, you need to run out right now and go get some! It’s quite amazing.

I’ve been meeting so many amazing people here. I met Anthony at the first Irish session/through this blog and he has been kind enough to show me all over Eugene and introduce me to lots of cool and interesting people. We were able to go to free Shakespeare in Amazon park and watch The Comedy of Errors, get excellent beers at two different locations of McMenamin’s, and a good breakfast a Studio One. McMenamin’s reminded me a lot of Beaver Street Brewery in Flagstaff, including the Ruby brew that was similar to the Brambleberry Brew. Studio One was good, but next time I want to try their French toast. That seems to be what everyone is raving about there and looks worth a try.

I also walked by a very dangerous place. It’s The Knit Shop, in the Southtown shops. I walked by the store front and drooled over all the beautiful yarns and new knitting/crocheting things I could purchase there. Those of you that helped me move know that I am a yarn addict (I had two HUGE trash bags full of yarn and fabric) and know that it took considerable self control to not enter the store and find something new to experiment with. Just thinking about it gives me the itch to start a new project! Although I know I need to get through some of the yarn I already have. I think it is time to search through my closet and come up with a good project. Hehehehe.

I have found that I have become a complete NPR junkie. I found that going a few days without listening to the radio, both music and talk, was weird and lacking somehow. On Sunday night I was able to get my fill. I am sad that the NPR stations here don’t seem to play the Diane Rehm show. This was always one of my favorites in Flagstaff because the first hour was news and the second hour was always new books with interviews of the author. I was always learning something new by listening to this show. So last night I figured out how to listen to the program on my computer and find old shows that interested me. So I can have my DR show no matter where I live.

I also found an article on the current book that I am reading. I am reading Eragon by Christopher Paolini. So far it’s pretty good, and is fairly popular among the kiddies. (It was recommended to me through students.) The new installment of the series, Eldest, was just released recently and it is also supposed to be pretty good. Of course they like to compare it to Harry Potter and I can tell you right now, this is no HP. I’ve only read about a hundred pages, but by now in the first book of HP I couldn’t put it down. This isn’t have quite the same effect, but is interesting in its own way. Of course I am a little jealous because Paolini is only 21 an has two books published. Hopefully some day I will achieve my publishing dream.

Speaking of Harry Potter, if you have not seen the Goblet of Fire preview you must do it! They have started to add more to the site and now you can support your favorite person for the triwizard tournament and download a kit to show off your support. What fun! I love the last line of the trailer, I can’t remember if it’s in the books or not, but if it isn’t it should be. Hopefully that will peak your curiosity enough to check it out. :) Here’s the link;

Goblet of Fire Movie

Makes me want to read Goblet of Fire again! So many projects and never enough time, but I’d rather have it that way and keep myself busy.

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