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A very good day

August 23, 2005

     The last few days have been full of lots of new things.  I went on my first bike ride in Eugene, found some people to hang out with and did my first few loads of laundry in my new apartment.  
     Yesterday my day started late because I refused to get up.  At this point I don’t have anything I have to do so, when my body refuses to move, which is almost always, I give in and let it stay in my very comfy bed.  So my day started late, but the day was overcast and cool so I decided it would be the perfect day to try out my bike.  While I was in Colorado, my Dad fixed up my Mom’s old bike for me so that I could use it here in Eugene.  I already knew that there were lots of bike trails around town so I felt it would be the perfect time to start biking again.  
     I have to tell you, I hadn’t been on a bike for 10 years.  I never thought that biking would supply a good mode of transportation for me.  Sometimes when I bike, my leg doesn’t stay on very well, so I have to be able to put it on again in order to walk.  When I tried the bike out in Colorado, I found that my leg stayed on just fine and it didn’t really pose a problem.  
     So I had three errands to run and they were all in the same place, about 8-9 blocks away from my apartment.  I needed to send a few things, get my quarters for laundry, and get a few things at the market for the dinner that night.  The way there was pretty easy.  The first part was downhill, then flat and was fairly smooth.  I got the letters in the mail, and headed for the bank.  I had to get off my bike for the bank, so I unstrapped my left foot and prepared to get my knee in the right mode.  My computer knee is great and I have two modes programmed into it.  One is for walking and one is for biking.  In order to change the modes I have to bounce on the toe of my left foot three times.  If I bounce too hard or soft it doesn’t work.  Also, if I leave to much weight on it after the bounces it doesn’t work.  I’m getting better and better at switching but it always takes a few tries.
     So I went to the bank, got my quarters and headed off to Safeway.  I thought about walking because it was only really across the street, but I decided to bike instead.  I got across the street and went into Safeway.  It wasn’t until later that I realized how easy it felt to walk around Safeway.  My leg was in just the right place and wasn’t hurting at all, which is a very good thing.  I got the few things that I needed and headed home.
     The beginning of my journey started downhill, so of course the end is going to be up.  This was the hardest part.  I was a little tired anyway, and then this little hill totally wiped me out.  I made it home without walking my bike and felt great.  My legs were shaky, but I felt good and I was able to take a refreshing shower as soon as I got home.  
     After that I did laundry and tried to fit in too many loads before my dinner that I was going to.  I made a salad and took it over.  I have met some really cool people in Eugene so far and I hope that this trend continues.  They made a Latin American dish that I had never tried before called tinga.  It was really good and I was able to leave with a full tummy and the content feeling of meeting people with similar interests and views.  
     When I got home I was so sleepy and happy.  I said hello to Jasmine and moseyed into my bedroom.  I crawled into my clean crisp sheets, which was the icing on top of a wonderful day.

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