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Floating Internet Waste

August 13, 2005

So here is my blog. I’ve been hesitant to start one of these because I feel like it is just yet another project that will only be half assed. Oh well. It wouldn’t be the greatest tragedy if this just sits out on the web wasting space. My life right now is full of change, but somewhat stagnant at the same time. I have just moved to Eugene, OR. I don’t know anyone, and unless I find a job it may kind of stay that way for awhile. I’ve been trying “myspace” but of course talking to someone on-line isn’t nearly as satisfying as meeting someone in person. Not to mention I seem to only have gotten responses from guys. Not all of them seem like desperate boys trying to get laid, but there are definitely few that do. So far I have been friendly to all of them and tried to maintain some form of conversation. I ask them questions about Eugene, and they give me some lame vague answer. Like “Where do you like to hang out?” and the answer is “I don’t know, at parks, just around, you know?” Something like that. If someone asked me where I liked to hang out in Flagstaff or Albuquerque I would know exactly what to tell them. One guy commented on how exciting my life sounded. I wanted to write back that this was because I actually maintained detail and new experiences in my daily routine.

So I have all this time on my hands, but have I really been productive? Yes and no. Of course I haven’t practiced enough, and I should be writing more of my book, but I haven’t wasted all of my time. I have a wonderful new toy! My computer, so I’ve been spending an incredible amount of time (some productive and some wasted) on the internet and learning about all the wonderful things it is going to do to help me. Like today I finally learned how to use excel to make a budget, which is something I desperately need. Especially if I want to break away from the parental help, not to mention not use so much loan money. I have also tried to organize all my observations on the computer. I have been somewhat successful in this endeavor, but still would like to figure out a way to do it even easier. I did a lot of observing when the institute was going on so that wasn’t a waste of time! I have also tried to set up to start teaching right away. I would like to just teach for my income, but I’m not sure that this will be possible. I’ve started looking for other jobs, and hopefully I’ll find the perfect one.

This was not on my big long list of things to do, but that’s okay. Hopefully this is a start to an enjoyable experience and not floating internet waste.

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